Support Groups

The Connection Youth Services Group Schedule


    • Youth Council 4:00PM–5:00PM

The Youth Council is a leadership opportunity for teens who are interested in fundraising, community service projects, event planning, and program development. 
Ages 14-20 years old.

    • I-Grow 5:00PM–6:00PM

An interactive group that uses games, activities, and art projects to increase self-awareness in youth and give them an opportunity to express themselves in creative ways. This group can be helpful for youth who want to develop a better understanding of themselves or who have a difficult time talking about how they think and feel.
Ages 12-20 years old.


    • Negotiations 5:00PM–6:00PM

Learn strategies for coping, dealing with anger, and managing stress.
Ages 12-20 years old.


    • Life Skills 5:00PM-6:00PM

Get ready for adult living! Learn about health, decision making, nutrition, jobs, budgeting, apartment life and much more. Interactive, fun, & informative for youth.
Ages 16-20 years old.


    • Relaxation 5:00PM –6:00PM

Develop and practice relaxation skills. This group explores different ways to manage stress and regulate emotions using visual imagery, breathing techniques, mindfulness, and meditation.
Ages 12-20 years old.

    • The Umbrella Group 6:00PM –7:00PM

LGBTQ+ Group   *Suportive  *Informative  *Interactive  *Advocacy  -  We've got you covered!
Ages 14-20 years old.


All groups are located at the TCYS Drop in Center.

616 West Grand River Avenue, Howell MI 48843

For more information call (866)-440-7233